Providing essential energy for critical environments

Resource-efficient, reliable, and environmentally sensible

MCe2 makes Onsite Generation Resilient, Reliable, and Ready for Demand Integration

MCe2 is a compliance products and services company. We offer full indemnification for all our products and services, including regulatory monitoring and reporting. We maintain measures to meet the regulatory compliance requirements for all clients and then back our work by utilizing professionals and leading technology underwritten by risk management insurance.

Our firm offers instant and long duration back-up power in a turnkey no-CapEx package

Meet the R3Di®

Emergency protection designed for you
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  • Integrated Microgrid controls and
    protection - Less than 100ms full load recovery in open or closed transition with 4ms possible

  • Containerized Natural Gas Engine and Switchgear - Remote monitoring and start capabilities managed by a 24x7x365 NOC

  • Containerized Energy Storage System [ESS) - Sate reliable LiFePO4 battery technology

  • "R3Di®" for integration with renewable generation or EV Charging Stations

  • NFPA 855 UL 9540 Certified



MCe2’s ESG strategy provides the looking glass into a company’s future.  We partner with pioneering organizations that are willing and resolute in applying MCe2’s ESG bundle of metrics, goals and values. This honing process is vital to change the perceived risk into launching pads that allow such companies to rise above and beyond competitors.

Our MCe2 specialists are deployed to your location to ensure sustainability, emissions, and compliance can be pursued through the following Program Offerings:

  • Consulting
  • Project Identification
  • Emissions
  • Fuel Transition
  • Compliance
  • Digitization

Our MCe2 template provides goal achieving costs while effectively minimizing risk.  To achieve the targeted goal cost effectively while minimizing risk, is the "bottom line." This concept secures the process of ESG to an industrial business model, which now makes ESG fully achievable.

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