MCe2 History

MCe2 Leadership

James Richmond

Founder & President, E2 Companies

James Richmond is a uniquely qualified professional with a multitude of experiences to include several areas within the technical and technology industries.  As President of e2 (previously e2comply LLC and ELM Energy LLC), Mr. Richmond is the mastermind behind developing the subsidiaries, Mission Critical e2 and Palm Energy LLC in the effort to secure Seamless Resiliency.  The guarantee of Seamless Resiliency has since been realized as his group provides clients the ability to be in charge of their energy outcome with the exclusive e2 products. Mr. Richmond is responsible for the deployment of utility grid reliability programs and emission systems, and primarily specializes in IoT products and services for several industries and energy service agreements. He has been a driving force, successful at building high growth product and service organizations of $100 million with EBITDA exceeding 20%.

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