Increased Efficiency

MCe2 is fully capable to halt the drain upon personnel’s drive and morale. MCe2’s encompassing maintenance team includes our facility management, IT services, physical security and a slew of service professionals that congeal into an utterly forward projecting solution. Our group of SMEs are the "boots on the ground" to be deployed and deliver maintenance, connectivity, security, and IT support directly to your front door. The MCe2 solution-oriented team will present professionalism and compliance during site calls, providing the pinnacle of service as our standard.  MCe2 provides partners with the full scope of service.

MCe2’s product and services provide a host of socioeconomic and corporate benefits creating a Verifiable “Societal Return on Investment” Score for ESG purposes (SROI).

From decreased environmental emissions to increased energy reliability, MCe2 focuses on the development and implementation of several community and global benefits.

Decreased energy costs
Increased energy reliability
Avoided diesel gas spills
Supports reconciliation with First Nations communities
One-time economic impacts from construction
Decreased environmental emissions
Addressing housing shortages due to load growth restrictions
Human capital deepening
Ongoing economic impacts from increased economic growth
Improved health outcomes
First Nations capacity and institutional development
Other socioeconomic benefits